'I shall lie folded like a saint'. Allen Michael, Editor of Homeviable gives some insights into the wonders of Linen.

Hotels are constantly looking for ways to improve the guest experience while simultaneously increasing the brand appeal of their hotel. Utilizing linen for a hotel’s bed sheets is one way to do just this.


While not often considered for a large hotel, linen has quite a few characteristics that make it a fantastic choice.


In general, linen will increase the comfort of your guests while expanding your hotel’s elegance. We explore the specific benefits of utilizing linen at your hotel, along with the process involved to clean linen and the cost.


Benefits of Linen

Linen is a product made from flax seed, making it a renewable and environmentally friendly product. It is highly regarded and has quite a few benefits:

  • As mentioned, linen is environmentally friendly. This natural product is used in textiles to flooring, and is completely biodegradable. Adding this to your offerings as a hotel makes an incredibly strong statement to the renewable resource and organic communities.
  • Linen is anti-static and anti-allergenic. Preventing static pertains more to your guests comfort, but having an allergen free material for your sheets is incredibly helpful.
  • Linen has long been regarded as an elegant material, complete with its historical associations with aristocracy. Offering linen is an immediate brand upgrade in the minds of your guests. Its uniquely textured feel is both elegant and sophisticated.
  • Linen is highly breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture. This allows for your guests to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only is this far more pleasant for them, but it can have a secondary benefit in reducing energy costs slightly.


Linen provides multiple benefits, ranging from an upgraded, elegant feel to an environmentally safe option to better longevity and breathability.


Washing Linen

Washing linen is not difficult, and can be done in a machine washing environment. Look to wash this material in cold water on a gentle cycle. Don’t overfill your machines, and make sure you keep darks and lights separated.


The preferred method for drying linen is hang dry, but this isn’t very practical for hotels. Instead, drying linen on a low heat, fast cycle spin will suffice.


The good news is that washing linen is not overly complicated, and does not need to employ the use of advanced and sophisticated methods.


The bad news is that drying linen can take more time than standard cotton, and you will need to factor that into your decision.


Cost of Linen

No doubt, linen sheets are significantly more expensive. However, how much more expensive does really depend on how you evaluate it.


General estimates are that linen sheets outpace the cost of cotton sheets 2x-3x. For many, this puts the idea of switching to linen out of the question.


However, linen also lasts a lot longer, sometimes 5x-10x longer than cotton sheets.


So, at the end of the day, its up to you to decide. You can make the argument that linen sheets will actually save you money over the long run, because of how long they last.


However, no doubt they carry a significant up front cost.


Wrapping it Up

For hotels, the benefits of switching to linen sheets are numerous. Linen is highly durable and long lasting, anti-allergenic and incredibly breathable. Linen also is highly regarded as classy and elegant, while also being organic and environmentally friendly. And yet, linen is quite a bit more expensive.


For your brand, the best thing you can do is evaluate the upsides and downsides and make the best decision. Good luck!



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