Extraordinary times are best dealt with an extraordinary sense of humour. We raise a glass to Lloyd Kenny, owner of Cluny Bank Hotel in Forres for this comedy gold.

There has never been a better time to embrace laughter. The video and story below are the result of a collaboration between Macbeth's butchers and Cluny Bank Hotel.  They are a wonderful example of how hotels and hotel suppliers can unite forces to share positivity and humour during lockdown.


Jock Gibson, manager at Macbeth's Butchers is regarded as one of the best haggis hunters in the country.  Recently he advertised on social media that he was looking for an assistant, as the season has been shortened this year and he would struggle to cope with demand.


He posted on Facebook:

"Macbeth's Butchers has a vacancy for a seasonal haggis hunter. Previous experience necessary. Desired attributes include:

1. Dedication to the hunt

2. Ability to abstain from over indulgence of the bait until Burn's night

3. Proven track record - recent extracts from YOUR OWN game book accepted

4. Personal VALID licence to deal game required - fakes will be reported

5. Able to recite the three "forgotten" verses of the address to the haggis, otherwise known as "The Hunters Creed"

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the Highlands now being part of Mainland Scotland (until you need something delivered), the Haggis Hunting season has a delayed start. If successful you must be available for induction Monday 11th Jan and ready to work day and night for two weeks.

SALARY: Neeps, Tatties and Whisky"


Jock has been hunting haggis for 10 years and is one of the few that talk publicly about what is often regarded as a ‘unspoken operation.’ He said:

“It’s pretty hard going and the injuries can be pretty grim. I had to have the end of my finger sown back on a couple of years ago after loosing it to a haggis bite.  Thankfully the haggis spat it out again as I had been opening bales of silage earlier and the taste was still on my hands – haggae hate silage.”


The result? 

Watch the video below to see. 



Thank you Jock and Lloyd for the welcome laughter.


To learn more about Cluny Bank Hotel and support their work, visit their website and follow them on social media.


To order a haggis caught by Jock and Lloyd, visit: https://www.macbeths.com


Cluny Bank Hotel


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