The Hotel which is an Art Gallery in itself regularly hosts demos with many of the country's most talented artists. This week Lynton Parmar-Hemsley will paint to an audience of over 100 people. The event is sold out.

Based in Stalybridge, Lynton had a 30 year career in advertising before becoming a full time artist 4 years ago. He took part of Sky Artist of the Year programmes three times. He is also a caricaturist and runs a company known as Arty Party Portraits


Lochgreen House Hotel is part of Costley Hotels, owned by Bill Costley. Bill won Masterchef at the tender age of 21 years old, many years later he was given a Lifetime Achievement award from the Scottish Licenced Trade Association and is a well respected hospitality industry professional in the UK. Passionate about hospitality and with a strong focus on quality and guest experience as well as a personal interest in fine arts (he is a painter himself, many of his paintings can be found at Costley Hotels). 


Besides hosting stunning art pieces throughout the property, Lochgreen House Hotel welcomes artists to showcase their work live, it's an opportunity for the many art lovers in the region to regularly meet, have the chance to watch artists paint live as they talk about their techniques, inspiration and style and then enjoy a lovely lunch. Lochgreen House's art demos are extremely popular, they are almost always fully booked. 


The Hotel has Margaret Johnston as their very own art curator and art event organiser. Margaret is also a painter and is passionate about finding and showcasing the work of Scottish artists. 




Lynton Parmar-Hemsley has had a pencil in his hand for as long as he can remember. His grandfather was a keen amateur artist and Lynton has early memories of watching him paint scenes from holiday snapshots on the back of old board games to or plywood off-cuts. He is sure that his love of painting began this way.


He spent hours hunched over comic books copying every super hero pose he could find, unwittingly he developed an early instinct and aptitude for figurative work. One artist in particular John Romita, became an early influence. His work was always rendered with a strong sense of form and weight, a lesson that has stayed important in Lynton's career even to this day.


This strong drawing foundation is key to Lynton's style of painting, without it his confident and direct ala prima approach could not be successful. 


John Singer Sargent is possibly Lynton's greatest influence when it comes to the painting process. After initial pencil studies he prefers to work directly to canvas with no preliminary drawing, beginning with mid values and working outward to the lightest light and darkest dark within the tone scale.


Lynton is also keen to embrace Sargent's economy of line, always aiming to describe any object in as few strokes as possible, the goal always being to simplify whatever stands in front of him.


While the end result of a successful painting may often give the impression of being effortless the actual process in reality is almost always one of failure and fortunate accidents. 


Without this struggle, Lynton believes that oainting could never be as rewarding as it is.


His art demo will take place this Thursday at Lochgreen House Hotel from 10am to 4pm, although the event is fully booked, we recommend you to keep an eye on their social media channels for future art demos. They are worth the wait.


To learn all that the hotel has to offer, check Lochgreen House Hotel's compreensive page on Luxury Scotland.


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