We attended The Independent Hotel Show in London this year looking for interesting products and Hotel suppliers that could inspire and be of interest to Scottish Hotels.

We were pleased to find a few interesting new products to share that could add value to the guest experience; from new luxury hotel amenities and indoor landscaping to a sustainable tea brand and designer light switches.


There are so many hotel and travel events taking place every year, it is sometimes hard for hotels to decide which ones to go to as time is precious and logistics can also be costly. When it comes to operations, we feel The Independent Hotel Show is an important event to attend as you will often find new suppliers and ideas to improve both guest experience and revenue, being able to test products and speak to company representatives face to face makes a big difference.


London is a train journey or a short flight away from Scotland's main train stations and airports which makes things a lot easier than visiting similar events overseas. 


We've selected a few products and brands that stood out for us this year, we feel they all offer something worth checking or considering, either their products themselves or the idea behind them. Adding value to the guest experience by incorporating interesting new design, technology and products to rooms is something hotels need to be allocating budget to yearly as regulars will notice and be pleasantly surprised by small changes. 


We hope some of the suppliers below inspire you.


Jing Tea

We were blown away by Jing Tea as a company as well as their products. The company founder spent a long time in China and is passionate about the Art of Tea. Jing Tea isn't just about varied and incredibly delicious tea, it is about nurturing the culture and ceremony involved in tea drinking, pushing sustainability, supporting small farms and communities that rely on tea production and training. 

Jing Tea goes to great lengths to source the very best leaves from different regions of the world, the entire process of tea production is taken very seriously as it is the way their tea is brewed and presented. The packaging and their serving packages are exceptionally beautiful giving the tea a really sumptuous feel. The company provides "tea sommelier training" to hotels as well so that staff develop a passion towards tea and share their knowledge with guests. 

We couldn't recommend them enough for boutique hotels and luxury hotels targeting the luxury traveller. Their tea tastes and looks spectacular, it carries meaning and a sustainable approach, it's tea with a soul and plenty of stories to tell. 





Plant Plan

Plant Plan helps businesses incorporate plants as part of their design scheme. They do stunning indoor and outdoor landscaping, adding bursts of colours and life to rooms and public spaces, you can have plants as wall art, carpets, on pretty much any surface of your hotel. 

The team goes to hotels and gives suggestions on how they can improve design with plants, the result is incredibly creative, fresh and very beautiful as well. Visit their website to see many examples of the work they've already done and how plants can be a lot more interesting than objects at times.




Carmina Lake

Do you remember entering a hotel room and being amazed at the beauty of a wallpaper? Do you remember sitting on a chair at a hotel or restaurant and being distracted by the extraordinary softness and luxurious feel of its cushions? This is what Carmina Lake provides. These unusual sensorial memories of quality. Their fabric wallpapers and cushions are works of art, all designed by themselves and with a very unique style. They feel like nothing we are used to finding at hotel rooms, truly sumptuous to look at and touch. 

Hotel rooms are little retreats where we escape to and live a parallel life, art and design create a special atmosphere but often, interior designers forget that certain fabrics are stunning to look at but not so good to touch. This is what Carmina Lake does exceptionally well, they create sensorial experiences through their fabrics. We could not recommend them more for small independent hotels looking to add something particularly special to their rooms.




La Bottega

The company was founded in 1981 and defines itself as "a creative hub of storytelling for the hotel industry". As well as being leaders in the cosmetic amenities industry, they are experienced brand consultants matching hotels to the brands and products that would suit their guests best. La Bottega works with the most recognised luxury brands in the market as well as new ones producing exceptional quality products. 

Whenever a new cosmetic brand appears in the market delivering great quality of products, they know about them. They are also one step ahead showcasing the latest products being developed by the major players as well as the small independent ones. 

During the event we had the chance to see the latest innovative products by Murdoch London, Diptyque Paris and Grown Alchemist, all of exceptional quality and style.

There is a big market for male grooming not being incorporated at most hotels. Bear grooming sets is one example, luxury hotels should definitely be personalising their guest amenities offering different options for males and females.

As always, what makes hotels stand out are the small details and every guest will notice and recognise quality brands and products being offered. 





Have you ever considered scent marketing for your hotel? You really should. Guests can remember the scent of a hotel a long time after checkout. Not only that, they can take the sensation of relaxation and peace they experienced at the hotel back home by buying bespoke branded products created for the hotel. 

Aromatherapy plays a big part in wellness and spas should not be the only places to take full advantage of it. The scent of a room or of a public space can influence how guests and visitors feel, they can relax or energise, they can improve guests health and can create a lasting memory. 

Aromaco helps hotels choose and develop the right fragrance for their guests, one that represents what they would like their guests to feel and experience. 

If your bedrooms smell of nothing but cleaning products, remember how you feel every time you enter a spa or burn an incense or candle you love. Take advantage of this subtle but ever so important branding and marketing tool.





When sound engineers and innovative designers with a passion towards materials get together, this is what you get: Striking portable speakers with a soul. A happy marriage between technology and textiles, between fashion and sound engineering. VIFA products are all influenced by Nordic culture and design, they are all made in Denmark using unique raw materials, mostly local.  They look sensational as a design feature and sound fantastic as well. Hotels can add a touch of Scandinavian elegance and culture to their rooms choosing a brand that invests in and nurtures craftsmanship. 




Hamilton Litestat 

Sometimes light switches can ruin a hotel stay. Finding one switch that turns off all the lights in the room is a luxury as well. When hotels pay attention to light fitting in their rooms they are helping guests enjoy their stay. We like the idea of always going the extra mile and having the light switches themselves match the wallpaper in your room. This is one of the things that Hamilton Litestat can do, help hotels unite design and practicality by creating the perfect light switch for every room style. It might not sound like a big deal, but who wouldn't notice it?




Hypnos Contract Beds

Hypnos launched new beds and sofa beds that are proving popular with hotel groups. We enjoyed checking their new design and fabrics. The beds are bespoke, they can be financed, come with a full comprehensive five year guarantee and are 100% recycled at the end of their service life. 

The company developed successful partnerships around the world with leading hotel groups such as Marriott, InterContinental Hotel Group, The Rocco Forte Collection, Campbell Gray Hotels, Premier Inn, Corinthia, Millennium, Jumeirah and Van der Valk.



If you are interested in attending the event next year, visit the event's website:


The Independent Hotel Show

15-16 October 2019, London Olympia




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