Escapism: "The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy". Escapism is a very important word when it comes to hotel marketing. Right now, guests might not be able to check-in and experience hotels in real life but they are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained and escape from the current reality brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you feel that you should wait and not spend time developing content for social media, we are here to tell you the opposite. This is the best time to engage with your past and future guests, entertain them, strengthen brand loyalty and help them go through the crisis.


HNS: In terms of visual story telling for social media marketing, what do you recommend hotels to do during lockdown, to prepare for the reopening?

KB: The beauty of time has given hoteliers the ability to step back and reflect on the different types of content and how each one resonates with their audience and also the purpose of the channels and types of content they should be creating. It has given us time to reflect on the data and the analytics and look at what content people want to engage with the most. There have been some amazing examples of content generated during this terrible crisis which will set the scene and tone for future content creation. It is a move away from the traditional transactional, call to action posts to winning hearts and minds through softer, authentic and emotive content that taps into our "new normal' social sentiment.


I think we will see a shift in the balance in influencer marketing and I would like to see a rise in social good coming from this. I made an appeal at the start of the pandemic for influencers to step up. I would recommend many hoteliers to revisit their influencer outreach strategy and deliverables to ensure this meets with the shift in our society ensuring there is an element of social good and an authentic purpose in all future influencer stays moving away from the old world where we are obsessed with self-promotion and material goods.


Humans are seeking more and more transformative travel experiences and we will see a rise in educational, how to types of content, Behind the scenes, Taking the spa home post treatment, unique guest experiences and adventures. It is a time to plan great content that will enable hotels to position themselves to prepare for when we can travel again.


It is important that any new content created will create brand loyalty and make a lasting impression. We are seeing a high demand in requests for new creative brand videos and campaigns and brand photoshoots these will also be helpful in positioning and add to the evergreen content bank.   



HNS: What do you consider to be good examples of positive and inspiring content being posted by hotels during the coronavirus crisis?  

KB: Having worked with many hotels around the world managing their social media channels including; Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Carlisle Bay, Antigua and the Devonshire Hotels Group i feel this is a great question I can answer well. All hotels and hotel groups are in different situations but where a hotel has been able to continue with their social media postings I have seen some stand out activity. Such as the Fife Arms in Perth who are virtually showing their wonderful art collection asking the team to share their favourite pieces of art and providing us with some art education.


The Oetker Collection properties have compiled full curated reading lists, delved into their archives and also created new user generated video content. The Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento Italy is bringing us a virtual taste of the mediteranean with recipes and videos from the hotels grounds and cocktail making. I have also enjoyed the posts from The Rosewood London who are keeping us informed of the generous work they are doing to support the NHS. Lastly, one of the first accounts I noticed that shifted their social media efforts to suit the global crisis and got the tone and message and content spot on was Tschuggen Grand Hotel they produced content including; 7 ways to turn your home in to a luxury hotel and also explored cultural elements such as; Hygge applying the context to the situation we are facing, they have taken viewers on a virtual interior inspo and cultural journey. 



HNS: Do you feel the type of content you produce will change after COVID-19? What should hotels keep an eye on?

KB:  I feel the type of content has already started to change, people have had to be more creative and innovative and many have found confidence and taken to using the live channels within social media to share messages, views, recipes, etc We will see much more live video following COVID_19. As with all forms of communication the message and tone remains paramount.

We will see much more evergreen content and I hope to continue to see some of the passion that has been evident across many channels and hope that the webinars such as the weekly meditations, Live Yoga classes, wine tasting and live video continues. We will see more storytelling through video experiences and more of the aspects of a hotel stay that are transformative, things that we might take for granted such as ambient noise, nature, wildlife and interacting with humanity.


We thank Kirsty, David and the entire team at VIP Worldwide for their inspiring work. 


VIP Worldwide


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