The last couple of days we've seen wonderful examples of Scottish Hospitality. Their actions have a lasting effect in the lives of those involved and in their community. 

From free tea, coffee and meals to car rescues and free overnight stays. Scotland once again shows its strong community spirit.


Running and working in hotels is wonderfully rewarding but it also comes with many challenges. It's in times of adversity and extreme weather conditions that we often realise how much we rely on hotels, how important their work is to their local community and how sometimes their acts of kindness is the very thing transforming a difficult situation into a warm and inspiring one. 


Tontine Hotel in Greenock has helped 5 doctors and nurses move their car and get it started so they could travel to Inverclyde Royal Hospital. The video was posted on social media.



Airth Castle Hotel & Spa in Stirlingshire, part of the Steven MacLeod Group, offered emergency help and shelter to anyone in the region with the following message on social media:


If anyone is stranded in their vehicle or in snow at roadside, if you can WALK along to my Airth Castle Hotel. FK2 8JF

I have put on COMPLIMENTARY hot drinks, snack food and available shower facilities in a warm hotel until the chaos dies down.

DO NOT sit and Freeze yourself to the core outside or in your car.

This gesture is open from me to people who are genuinely stranded, worried and generally freezing!

Able People like the dafties out jogging earlier, clearly you are not an urgent case!

Roads are chaos... Next storm EMMA coming at 3pm...


Stobo Castle in Peebleshire offered free overnight stays to all their guests for as long as needed until they were able to travel back safely to their homes. The story was also published by The Scottish Sun.

General Manager Stephen Winyard also posted the following statement on social media: 

"To the staff at Stobo Castle: "As you know, my mantra to you all has been simple - treat our guests how you would like to be treated and you won't go far wrong - wow, you've all set an incredible example to the tourism industry in Scotland - your commitment to the safety and welfare of our guests in such challenging circumstances has set new standards in customer care and you should be very proud of your achievement."

East Haugh House Hotel & Restaurant in Pitlochry offered free accommodation to anyone stuck in the region and unable to get back home. They posted the following message on social media:

Are you stuck in the Pitlochry area due to the weather? With half the country on red alert and main Scottish airports closed, we want to help so are offering FREE accommodation tonight if you're stranded. Call 01796 473121. Please share, and stay safe out there.

Hilton Edinburgh Carlton Edinburgh offered complimentary tea and coffee for any emergency service workers and transport workers keeping Edinburgh safe. They posted the image below on social media



Inverkip Hotel in Inverkip, Inverclyde invited all tractor drivers helping locals to get home to meet at their restaurant, they also asked members of the public to call the hotel if they were in need of help. To see their social media posts click here.



Knock Castle Hotel & Spa invited anyone stuck around Crieff to go to the hotel for complimentary teas and coffees, recharge their phones and stay somewhere warm until the situation on the roads improved. They posted the following message on social media:

We think the hotel looks super pretty in the snow and we do love a winter wonderland.
However, the snow can cause problems for people travelling and it can sometimes be a pain rather than a pleasure. If anyone finds themselves in the Crieff area and needs to charge their phone or fancies a cup of tea or coffee before setting off again, Knock Castle welcomes you - and the tea is on the house!

Apex Hotels offered any travelers stranded in Edinburgh a complimentary dram at their hotels. They posted the following message on social media:

If you're stranded or delayed, make your way to any of our Edinburgh hotels and there will be a #warmerwelcome dram waiting for you, free of charge. One dram, tea or coffee per person. Let's not let #BeastFromTheEast beat us! Stay safe and stay cosy everyone.

Watermill Hotel in Paisley had their entire workforce on hand helping out people who had flights cancelled at Glasgow airport so that they could all find a place to stay on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


Scotland is a wonderful hospitable country, we couldn't help noticing their actions and we would like to thank them all. 


If you were in trouble during this week and were helped by members of staff at any hotel in Scotland, please let us know, we would love to include them too.

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