The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is launching an investigation into hotel booking sites as some sites may be making misleading claims about discounts.

Following the news, Angela Vickers of Apex Hotels lends her opinion.


Angela Vickers, CEO of Apex Hotels, said: “We welcome the CMA investigation into booking sites. We are especially interested to hear the watchdog is looking into the prices which first show when consumers search and if these reflect the final cost.
“More and more people are choosing to make bookings online and it’s important that consumers are protected from misleading information. Hopefully this investigation will weed out any sites which are not playing fair or pulling the wool over customers’ eyes.

“In the meantime I would encourage anyone with concerns to book direct with hotel reservations or the hotel website as we always put the customer first and our costs are transparent. Very often we can personalise the customer stay with additional perks.”


We at Hotel News Scotland, believe this is the ideal opportunity for hotels to share the news with their guests in an attempt to make them change their shopping behaviour. Guests will always benefit from booking sites to research where to stay according to location and rates but can be encouraged to make the final booking via the hotel's website. This is the time to offer discounted rates and added value when guests book direct, to develop brand loyalty and encourage a new booking pattern.


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