We take a look at White Tea

A true tea type, White Tea was first developed centuries ago in China (perhaps as long ago as 1105AD), and is perhaps the tea closest to a freshly plucked tea leaf. White Tea undergoes minimal processing, which means fresh leaves are virtually harvested and dried.


Some accidental oxidation will occur, but the aim is to keep the tea delicate and light. White Teas are considered very premium and in some cases extremely rare. Like all tea though, quality can vary greatly.


We will again start by highlighting a few notable values of Fruit Infusions, then suggest a few teas with very different flavour profiles. We’ll begin by considering what all Fruit Infusions have in common.


We’ll begin by considering what all White Teas have in common.

  • Caffeine – Yes
  • FlavourFruity, earthy, nutty, delicate
  • OxidisedCan be very slightly
  • Brewing Approx 75-80c for 2/3 mins
  • MilkNot recommended


Here are five great White Teas available in our online store. Which will suit your palate?

  1. Pai Mu Tan Pure white tea from China, named so due to the silvery white hairs found on the buds. Pai Mu Tan is a peony style tea, so contains buds/silver needles and leaf. An elegant tea with delicate flavours of peach and nuttiness.
  2. Mao Feng Slightly stronger than some White Tea, this Mao Feng almost creeps into the realms of Green Tea. Lovely large leaves, which require careful attention when brewing, to offer a truly refreshing cuppa. Packed with bright, sharp flavours that offer a slightly different take on White Tea.
  3. Dalreoch White Tea A Scottish grown tea of great character! Sweet notes of peach, melon and a certain nuttiness, all enveloped in subtle hints of pine, vanilla and grape, which are beyond silky and smooth. The unique Scottish terroir has produced a true delight.
  4. Dalreoch Smoked White Tea This tea has a wonderfully delicate smoky aroma, whose purpose is to complement the natural sweetness of the tea. Gently smoked over smouldering embers of locally felled beech wood, one can expect the fruity, peachy and slightly nutty tones inherent in this tea, with a very delicate initial hint of smoke and a dark gold colour. A unique flavour experience for the White Tea lovers!
  5. Buittle Rose Peony This Scottish Tea offers a combination of youthful tea and smooth delicate rose fragrance, which is something to behold. Waves of sweet rose come and go, as the nutty, fruity white tea washes over the palate. Very delicate, yet complex layers of sweet, smooth, earthy flavours that just leave the senses inspired.


Our White Teas


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