Considered and delicate Photography to showcase your property

Specialising in the hospitality industry, natural and authentic renditions of your property. Un-airbrushed and processed with passion.


How we work

At Grom Photography we look at each photographic opportunity as an individual task. Each room, each plate of food and each location has its own unique merits and we shoot to capitalise on that.
We take the Digital Negatives and process them like an old master darkroom technician would do with film. We study the areas of each image and process them to give maximum impact while retaining the original's integrity.

Where we work

Based in Central Scotland but we take commissions from all over Scotland, from hotels in the remote Highlands of Scotland to an event in the bustling central belt cities and everywhere between and beyond.


Our method

We process, tag & catalogue all our imagery through Adobe Lightroom and upload your finished and exported photos to the cloud where they can be accessed anywhere and at any time.
We avoid any airbrushing or 'photoshopping' of images so they retain their original integrity. We prefer to produce a well exposed and developed image set than an overworked unnatural collection.


Grom Photography

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