As part of the group’s ‘Plant for The Planet’ Initiative which aims to plant 10 million trees by 2021, the 6th largest hotel group in the world has supported Scotland’s newest and most exciting distillery with over 300 apple and pear trees.

Lindores Abbey Distillery is situated on an important historic site in Fife where the first recorded whisky distillation took place in Scotland. The ruins of a 15th century Monastery of significant importance to both Scottish and English history are directly in front of the distillery’s main building.


Owners Drew and Helen Mckenzie Smith opened the distillery in 2017 aiming to give new life to the precious site by not only developing their own premium whisky brand and distillery but also bringing back some of the features and activities that were once part of Lindores Abbey’s day to day life 524 years ago.


A beautiful orchard was part of the 15th century Monastery and is now being replanted slowly by residents and visitors next to the distillery’s striking main building. The type of apple and pear trees provided by Accor Hotels are the exact same ones that were once found at the orchard, making sure its process of rebirth is archeologically sensitive.


Each tree carries the name of the person who planted it on a tag so that all those who take part in bringing the orchard back to life feel a personal connection with the distillery and its phenomenal history.




The trees are nurtured and sustained by the very grounds where interesting archaeological artifacts were found during the distillery’s building process, a few of them have been incorporated into the distillery’s design scheme and can be seen.


As the years go by the trees will blossom into colourful and lively reminders of Lindores Abbey’s rich past, carrying the dust of monks and kings as well as the intention of all of those involved in planting each one of them individually. The orchard will continue to have historical significance locally as well as a personal historical value to many.




Owners Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith are both highly respected and experienced hospitality professionals with a lifetime of experience in exclusive use properties and luxury hotels. Drew who was raised at Lindores Abbey and has been its custodian for 20 years was a chef at some of the country’s best luxury hotels, Helen managed a number of Scotland’s most lavish and well-known exclusive use properties such as Kinross House, Aikwood Tower, Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Aldourie Castle and others. Keeping their hospitality hat on and taking full advantage of their professional experience, they created the type of high-end Whisky Distillery Experience that isn’t easily found anywhere in Scotland. It is their hospitality background and expertise which makes Lindores Abbey Distillery so unique and successful when it comes to the quaity of the visitor experience.


Their aim with the Orchard is to also use the fruits in a number of different ways within the distillery so that the natural cycle is complete. Besides Apples and Pears the talented team at Lindores Abbey Distillery have also reintroduced honey bees to the site after 500 years, three hives and four nucs of bees with a mix of Scottish native and Carnolian bee colonies are now steps away from the Orchard and will provide honey and wax to be used in drinks, tinctures and their catering. The bees are being managed by Charley, Drew’s 17 years old niece who regularly shares updates on them online.




History is being recreated in the Kingdom of Fife. Our thanks to Accor Hotels for adding their layer of history to such a beautiful and inspiring project.


To learn more about Accor Hotels Tree Resolution visit this link.


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