Advertising & Promoting on Hotel News Scotland

Do you have vacancy that needs filling or, a great new rate or promotion for the upcoming months? Maybe you've developed a new menu or are giving a discount on Spa experiences? Whatever it is we can shout about it from the digital rooftops of Scotland. 

Our basic costs are detailed below:

Category Cost Period
Jobs £47 4 weeks
Offers £47 4 weeks
Suppliers £60 4 weeks






Our rates are for up to 4 weeks per single promotional piece, on your advice we can stop the item early if it has run its course, such as a short term event or quick vacancy requiring filling.

If you have a longer term promotion, multiple offers to post or are a recruitement agency/chain hotel requiring a 'bulk buy' them please do get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and find the best solution for you.


Advertising submissions contact hours:

Monday – Friday 11am – 4pm

Saturday- 10am- 2pm

+44 (0) 7470 791849